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Tips For Maintaining Carpets After Professional Cleaning Service

Clean carpets can alter the ambiance of your house or workplace. Apart from aesthetics, it also ensures the health of your family. It’s been decided to invest in an excellent, well-qualified professional carpet cleaning service. But what happens afterward? 

Knowing some tips for maintaining carpets is essential to reaping the maximum benefits. 

Here at Carpet Cleaning Group, we understand the importance of cleaning your carpets by following a skillful cleaning process and are here to benefit you.

The Importance of Regular Vacuuming

A critical tip of a professional carpet cleaning service is regular vacuuming. Carpets draw dust and allergens, And vacuuming will ensure that these toxins don’t sink into the carpet’s fibers. 

This extends the carpets’ lifespan and helps make your home healthier by improving the air quality. 

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends vacuuming to decrease the number of pollutants found in indoor spaces.

Vacuum Regularly

We know it’s a simple and obvious one of the desirable ways to care for your carpet, which you’ve heard many times. It needs to be more because getting rid of the everyday dirt and dust your carpet collects is vital. 

But here are a few techniques you must know to complete the task correctly. These tips by professional carpet cleaning service frequently get overlooked:

  • Clean or dust your home thoroughly before vacuuming, or you might get dust all over the carpets you have cleaned.
  • Make sure that you place your carpet correctly, since when the vacuum is high above the ground, it will not absorb the dirt fully, and if it’s placed too low, it can damage the carpet and your vacuum cleaner.
  • Be patient when vacuuming. The process isn’t an endurance race. It should be undertaken promptly. This is because the slower vacuuming speed will allow it to remove all the dirt embedded beneath the carpet’s surface.
  • If you think a vacuum cleaner will be satisfying in maintaining your carpet, beware! It’s only capable of removing 75% of the dirt accumulated on the carpet, which is only in the area. 

Immediate Stain Treatment

Accidents often happen, and they can end up on your floor. When this happens, take action immediately! The faster you can attend to your stain, the easier it is to get rid of. Blot the stain using an unclean cloth or paper towel, but avoid rubbing it into it. 

After that, apply an appropriate carpet cleaner appropriate for the carpet. Quick attention will prevent permanent stains.

Reducing Foot Traffic

The restriction on foot traffic is a great maintenance tip by professional carpet cleaning service which can result in wear and tear to your carpets. Carpets or mats should be placed in areas prone to traffic to reduce contact with the rug. Consider also the introduction of a shoe-free policy in your home. 

In this way, you’ll minimize your chances of having dirt that gets on the carpet and also prolong its life.

Using Carpet Protectors

Another tip by a professional carpet cleaning service to benefit from cleaning your carpet is to use carpet protectors. These protectors can protect your carpets from staining and liquid spills, making them easier to wash. 

They form a barrier that keeps liquids out of carpet fibers. Using a carpet protector and following a well-qualified carpet cleaning process will ensure your carpet stays clean and fresh for longer.

Inculcate a “Shoe-Free Zone” Policy for Your Home

Even if you think the shoes you wear are in good condition, they hold an abundance of outdoor dust, dirt, and insects, which can get into your home if you don’t get them off.

Shoes worn in the shoes create dust and can cause wear and tear to the carpet you have chosen to put on.

If you think creating a shoe-free zone isn’t possible, apply this method only to the carpeted areas, and you’ll be on the way to taking an easy but significant step towards keeping your carpet in top condition.

Use Mats in High Traffic Areas

Are you aware that roads are subject to diverse amounts of traffic during specific times during the day? So do our carpets! 

The areas in our homes, like the entrances, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, receive many foot traffic. Installing doormats or other mats on your carpets could benefit in stopping the accumulation of dust. Make sure that you regularly wash these mats.

Choose the accurate mats to protect your carpet, like ones with walk-off capabilities, and are waterproof to protect and extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Use

Despite your excellent efforts, even with accurate efforts, your carpet may require a professional carpet cleaning service. 

Regular, competent cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of your carpet. It is recommended that the carpets be professionally maintained at a minimum every other year or more frequently when they are in high-traffic areas.

Leave It To Us

Lastly, having your carpets deep-cleaned by a skilled professional like us at least every 3 to 6 months is a must-have carpet maintenance tip!

DIY methods, home products, and cleaning equipment don’t have the power to penetrate carpet fibers. 

Engaging in a skillful way, such as Carpet Cleaning Group, will extend your carpet’s longevity and make it look new and spotless!


Applying these tips by a professional carpet cleaning service to maintain your carpet will help keep it looking its best and extend its life. The most important components are:

  • Regular vacuuming.
  • Prompt stain removal with carpet protectors.
  • Decreasing foot traffic.
  • Ensuring proper drying.
  • Scheduling frequent skillful cleanings.

A well-maintained and clean carpet is beautiful and helps create better living conditions. Keep your carpets in tip-top condition by combining regular at-home maintenance and well-qualified Carpet Cleaning Group service.


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