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Pet Odor Cleaning in the Chicago Area

Got pet odor? Our steam extraction will help!

Treating pet odor on carpet or Oriental rug is to be taken serious, when removing pet urine odor you need the deep steam extraction, we have the best equipment in the industry for this. A completely truck mounted and professional team will provide best pet odor removal available in the industry.

Treat all spots asap!

Pet odor penetrates into the lower carpet fibers and sinks to the bottom of the fibers where it penetrates through and goes into flooring material under it.

Over time as a pet urinates continually in the same area the urine grows in size. Pet urine odor comes from the smell breakdown formed by bacteria. These alkalizes become part 

of the fiber and can even stain flooring underneath. It is important that it be cleaned up right away. Carpet Cleaning Group Professional team has special enzyme products which can break up the chemicals in pet urine. This is followed up by carpet extraction with deep steam and hot water at a high temperature and pressure. The extraction technique removes the broken down urine chemicals and dirty water.

Fibers changed color? No problem!

Unfortunately, sometimes by bacterial breakdown of pet urine can act like a bleach and change the color of a rug or carpet. This is why it is important to call a professional cleaner as soon as possible. If you choose Carpet Cleaning Group to remove the pet odor and pet stain, we will use all our years of experience to restore your carpet or fine rug to its best condition. If we find that the pet urine has caused color changes in the carpet or Oriental rug, we provide services to restore its color.

If you have a problem with pet odor or pet stain in your home call Carpet Cleaning Group today. We will take care any pet odor problems!

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