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Backed by a long history in the commercial cleaning business, Carpet Cleaning Group understands the ins and outs of making facilities look fresh and new. We put that detailed knowledge to work on every job we undertake throughout Chicagoland, and we also want to share it with consumers through this carpet cleaning resources page.

When you’ve got questions about caring for carpeting or are looking to hire professional cleaners at your home or business, we encourage you to explore our articles relating to carpet cleaning and care. Listed below, you’ll find links to information that addresses some of your most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re wondering, “What do I do when my carpet is ruined?” or panicking over how to fix carpet damage, we have the solutions. There are resources on how to clean an expensive rug, five steps for finding a good carpet cleaner, questions to ask a cleaning professional and more. Use these links to learn what to do when you find yourself in a carpeting conundrum or when you’re considering professional carpet cleaning for your home or building.

When you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning Group has the expertise you need. Our company uses non-toxic cleaning products, specializes in cleaning spots and stains, and is proud to use the latest, most efficient cleaning equipment available in the industry. To learn more about Carpet Cleaning Group, visit our residential and commercial pages or get in touch with us today to request a free quote.