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Should You Get Steam Carpet Cleaning When You Move Out?

Carpet cleaning can be seen as a luxury for some, considering that only 3% of households in the United States use professional carpet cleaners. 

If you are planning to move out, it’s worth considering getting a steam carpet cleaning done.

What can this do for you? What do you need to do to make this happen? 

Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more. 

Getting Your Security Deposit Back 

One of the top benefits of having a professional steam carpet cleaning job done is if you are a tenant, this can help win your landlord over. You are giving your landlord the courtesy of trying your best to leave your apartment or rental home as you found it. 

This means that if the carpet was clean before you moved in, you are trying to return it to as close to the original state as possible. 

Let’s face it, after months or years of living somewhere, you are going to make your mark on a place. This can be stains on the carpet, odors, general wear and tear, and more. 

Depending on what type of damage you do to the carpet, you may have a hard time getting your full security deposit back without attempting to clean the carpet. That is because property damage and cleaning expenses are two of the biggest reasons why some landlords refuse to give a full security deposit back. 

In these situations, landlords have to account for the potential value lost if the carpet has been severely damaged. If you do not clean up the carpet yourself, your landlord can create a markup price to claim that is what it takes to have it cleaned. As a result, your landlord could use this as a way to justify keeping your deposit. 

Do not give your landlord any reason to keep the deposit. Make sure your apartment or rental home is as clean as possible before moving out. 

Gaining Property Value 

If you own your home and are moving out, you may approach this from another angle. You likely still have to sell your home and use that cash to put towards your next house. 

Well, what if you were to find out that your current carpet is making people make lower offers for your home? Something to remember is that homebuyers will use any excuse that they can to make a lower offer on your home. Most prefer to have the home ready to move in immediately with no issues to fix. 

So, minor things such as stains on your carpet or very small holes in your wall could make the home lose value. 

What can you do about this? You can fix these issues before you start showing your home to potential buyers. 

This allows your home to look its best and you can treat this as an investment. Whatever money you put towards carpet cleaning expenses, you can increase your asking price by that amount and then some when it comes time to sell your home. 

Do not miss your opportunity to take advantage of this if you are trying to sell your home. 

Clear Out Your Furniture 

Something that you should do before you start this carpet cleaning process is to clear out any furniture and other sensitive items that you have in that room. This makes it easier for professional carpet cleaners to do their job and it increases the chances of this steam cleaning hitting every inch of your carpet. 

On top of this, it makes it easier for a carpet cleaner to move around your room. As a result, this can save them time. Depending on how they charge their service, it could save you a little money if it does not take them as long to do the job. 

If you are moving out of a rental apartment, doing this first puts you one step closer to settling into a new place. If you are trying to sell a home, this may only be something you can afford to do if you are close to securing your next home. 

However, your lives will be much easier if you can do this. 

Get Professional Experience 

The last benefit you get from this type of steam carpet cleaning is that you have professional experience going into it. These professionals have likely cleaned dozens or hundreds of carpets similar to yours in the past. 

That means they likely know every trick in the book and can clean your carpet efficiently. 

You may be someone that has never cleaned a carpet in your life. You may not know what to do to get those difficult stains and odors out of your carpet. 

Give yourself the peace of mind to not worry about this yourself, and trust that a professional will take good care of your carpet. 

Get Steam Carpet Cleaning 

These are some of the benefits you get when hiring a professional for a steam carpet cleaning job. 

If you live in an apartment, you increase your chances of getting your security deposit back. If you own your home, you increase your chances of getting a better offer on your home. 

Just make sure that you clear out your furniture to make room for this cleaning and rely on professionals to do a proper job on your carpet. 

Are you ready to get started? Get a free quote for steam cleaning from us today.