How to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

How to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

 When you are looking for someone to clean your carpets, make sure that you do not hire someone who has no idea what they are doing. While there are many different ways to take care of a dirty carpet, there are also some useful tips for hiring a good carpet cleaning service.


Ask Specific Questions

When you are looking around for a good steam carpet cleaning service in Chicago, or in another part of the state, you need to ask questions. Simply asking things like, “How much will it cost?” and “Do you do a good job,” is not enough. To ensure that you choose a company that can do a thorough and professional job, start by asking these questions:


  • Will they move furniture? If so, does it cost extra, and how much extra?
  • How long will it be before the carpet can be walked on again?
  • What cleaning products do they use?
  • Will there be harsh chemicals that could cause reactions in children and pets?
  • Are the fumes dangerous?
  • Is there an environmentally friendly cleaning method to choose?
  • Do they guarantee that your home will not be damaged in any way?
  • Can they provide evidence of any liability insurance that they have, with a copy for you to keep?
  • Will the carpets be wet cleaned, or steam cleaned?
Example carpet and rug institute seal of approval
Example carpet and rug institute seal of approval


What Is Expected of You Before The Cleaners Come

A reliable carpet cleaning company will do their job properly, but there are some things that you are expected to do as well. If you are not sure, it is advisable to ask the company when you are asking the above questions. Here are some of the more common things that might be expected of you:


  • Remove pets, houseplants, and children from any areas that are to be cleaned.
  • Securely store all breakable items, or cover them with something that will protect them from harm. If you have loose items that are of value, you should put them somewhere safe.
  • Remove all clutter and trash from the areas to be cleaned. If the cleaners are going to move furniture, remove anything that is sitting upon it.


After Your Carpets are Cleaned

 Once your carpets are professionally cleaned, you will be expected to do a few simple things to ensure that you do not undo their hard work. Once again, if you are uncertain – ask questions.


  • Take a close look at the carpets within the next 24 hours. Make sure that you are happy with the job. If you wait too long, it might be difficult to prove that any problems were caused by the cleaners, and not by you.
  • If you do notice anything that is still dirty, or newly damaged, contact the carpet cleaning company immediately. There is no point getting angry and whining about it; they are professionals, and they should be happy to remedy any issues that you have.


Hiring a carpet cleaning service involved more than just dialing a number and then paying your bill. However, if you follow the advice in this guide, you should be completely satisfied with your freshly cleaned carpets.