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What to Look for When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet has long been one of the most popular flooring options for homes. It brings a level of  softness to a room that makes a space feel cozy. 

But the downside of carpeting is how dirty it can get, even with regular cleanings. The fibers tend to hold onto dirt, dust, and grime until it’s obvious you need to hire cleaners to handle the job professionally! It’s amazing the difference a carpet cleaning service can do for the overall freshness of your space. 

In order to get the most out of these services, you’ll want to hire the best carpet cleaning business. Who is doing the cleaning will make a big difference in the end result you see in your home. Follow this guide for what to look for when hiring carpet cleaners. 

Meets Square Footage Needs

One of the first steps in finding local cleaners to take on your carpet mess is to figure out if they can handle the square footage.

Some cleaning companies have minimum and maximum amounts of carpet they will clean in one home. So you have to be sure your home fits within those parameters before anything else. 

It’s a good idea to spend a little time calculating what areas you want to be cleaned before you start your search. This information will also come in handy when you’re scheduling your appointment and figuring out exactly what type of cleaning service you’ll need in your home. 

Occasionally, a homeowner will prefer to split up their carpet cleaning into sections instead of getting the whole house cleaned at the same time. This can be a great strategy if you have a lot of space to manage! 

Strategies to Protect Carpets

While a carpet cleaning service is designed to help bring your carpets back to life and freshen things up, sometimes it can lead to future problems. The wrong cleaning strategy can lead to the fibers eventually breaking down and looking even worse than when they were dirty. 

As you’re looking for carpet cleaners, you’ll want to investigate what type of cleaning method they use and research how it affects carpet fibers in the long run. 

Steam cleaning carpets is one of those safe methods that is a great investment. The steam allows dirt and stains to be lifted from the fibers but doesn’t cause damage to the integrity of the fibers. It’s effective without being harsh. 

Many carpets come with a protective layer around their fibers, which is designed to keep them looking plush and nice for as long as possible. You want to be sure the cleaning you get won’t do anything to compromise that layer so you can have amazing carpets for a long time! 

Level of Experience and Expertise 

Obviously, when you hire cleaners for your carpets you want it to be like you got new carpet installed instead. The last thing you want is to have stains and rough spots still hanging on after the cleaning is done. 

This means you’ll need to find a company that has the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most difficult messes. 

Taking a look at a company’s experience is a great way to determine how well they know their craft. Years of taking care of people’s homes likely means they have developed some tips and tricks to help get the best results possible. It’s a good initial step to take as you try to determine who to hire. 

Approved Product List

Most people are very cautious and aware of the types of products they are bringing into their homes. They take their time researching the ingredients, looking at both their effectiveness and the potential side effects of using them. This is especially true for those who deal with allergies or other compromised immune systems. 

Before you hire anyone, you’ll want a full run-down of what products they’ll be using so you can do this type of research. 

It’s important to know what products are being used so you can approve of the ingredients that will be all around your home. This is especially important when dealing with carpets since they take up a major portion of your home and often come in direct contact with skin. 

Finding a company that uses effective but safe cleaning products will help you feel confident that you’re getting a great clean without the potential harm some products can bring. 

Experience with Pet Issues

An inquiry into the products a carpet cleaning service will be using can also help you determine whether they’ll be equipped to handle your specific set of circumstances. Especially if you have pets that spend a lot of time on your carpets. 

Pets bring a lot of happiness to a home but also have just as many messes. Pet stains on the carpet are a common issue homeowners face, so you should be able to find a company that has specific remedies. It’s a good idea to discuss your concerns with the cleaners before beginning to be sure your needs will be met. 

Some cleaning companies offer specialized services specifically designed to handle pet problems and give you the freshest clean. You’ll want to look for all those that apply to your home! 

Realistic Timeline

Getting any kind of service done in your home means you’ll need to open up your schedule. Carpet cleaning requires you to schedule not only the actual cleaning time but also the preparation and drying time. 

As you’re talking with the carpet cleaning company, it’s a good idea to get a realistic timeline for how long each of these steps takes. 

This way you can determine if that will work for your schedule or not. The last thing you want is to ruin the cleaning job by needing to rush moving back into the space because you weren’t prepared. It’s helpful to know realistically what to expect so you can be as prepared as possible for the entire cleaning. 

Fits Within Budget 

Before you make any hiring decisions, you always need to consider your budget. It’s important to be sure you can afford these services and won’t be put in a difficult spot of trying to come up with the funds out of nowhere. 

Most companies will either charge for the carpet cleaning by the room or by the square foot. Both of these methods will result in a very different amount, so you’ll want to know how they charge for their services to know what you’ll be required to pay. It’s also important to know of any extra fees that may be added on after the service fee. 

Of course, going with the cheapest company isn’t always the best way to take care of your home. You want to find the balance of being able to afford the carpet cleaning while still paying for high-quality service as well. 

The key is knowing what to expect so that you can prepare yourself and be ready to pay when the time comes. 

License and Insurance 

Our homes are the most important place in our daily lives. It’s where we got to feel safe, recharge, and spend time with our loved ones. Protecting your home is a crucial step in finding a carpet cleaning company to work with. You can do this by making sure the company is legitimate with the proper verifications. 

Most importantly, you need to make sure that the company has insurance coverage. This means that if something goes wrong while cleaning your home, they will be able to cover the repairs. 

Simply asking for insurance or license verification can help save you a lot of stress and turmoil in the long run. 

Speciality Cleaning Services

Often, carpet isn’t the only soft surface that needs some attention in our homes. If that’s the case in your space, check with the carpet cleaners to see if they offer any other kind of specialty cleaning so you can get it all done in one go around.

Most carpet cleaners will also clean rugs but might not cover every type. Check with the company to see what their rug policy is, especially if you have a vintage or oriental rug that may need some special attention when cleaning. Getting these cleaned will help your overall space feel much fresher. 

Cleaning upholstery is also a great way to remove all of the dirt and grime that builds up from extended use. It’s great when you can get all of these things done at the same time to avoid having to make several appointments and to get the cleanest home possible. 

Ability for Continued Treatment 

As with any cleaning or maintenance task, getting your carpets cleaned isn’t a one-time event. Living in your home always means a need to keep cleaning, especially for soft surfaces like carpets. It’s helpful to find a carpet cleaning service that you can add to your schedule on a regular basis. 

Most experts recommend getting your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year. But depending on the activity level in your home, you may want to increase the frequency. 

Having the ability to schedule these cleanings in advance is a great way to make sure you stay within the routine. There won’t be any excuses when it’s already on the calendar, which will help extend the life of your carpets as well. 

It’s also helpful to talk with the carpet cleaning experts to get advice on how to keep your carpets as fresh as possible between cleanings. This could be tips on equipment or products to use and also the most effective practices for a thorough cleaning. 

Results Guarantee

It’s nearly impossible to know exactly what to expect when hiring a new company to provide a service until you’ve actually experienced it. These kinds of unknowns can make the hiring process feel stressful and overwhelming. Look for a results guarantee from a carpet cleaning company. 

That kind of guarantee will help you feel confident in your choice. You can feel a peace that even if something doesn’t work out exactly as planned, the company will do what it can to make it right in the end. 

A guarantee also means the company is confident in its ability to provide the best service possible. So you can look forward to having amazing, clean carpets throughout your home again! 

Positive Reputation and Reviews

While you can’t know exactly what to expect before hiring a company, reading customer reviews can help you get an accurate picture. 

Taking a little extra time to do some background research into the company helps you make the most informed decision. Pay special attention to the reviews that describe the final results, how long the clean lasted, and how the staff interacted with the customer and home. 

These things play a key role in your satisfaction level, so it’s a good idea to see what others experienced. They may also help you ask more questions to get a better idea of what to expect as well. 

Finding a carpet cleaning company with a positive reputation is always the goal. You want to be sure that your investment is worth it and will make a big difference in your home. 

Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Business 

Every homeowner wants the best for their home, especially when they are investing in specialty services. Finding a carpet cleaning business that will handle the task of freshening up your space in an efficient and professional manner is huge. You won’t have to worry about regretting the decision and taking on the work yourself. 

The right team will be dedicated to providing top-notch service with results you will be thrilled about!  

Our team specializes in cleaning even the dirtiest flooring in the Chicago area. From carpet to tile, we’ve handled it all! If you’re interested in working with us to get your home sparkling clean, contact us today!