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How Can Commercial Carpet Cleaning Help Your Business?

Infectious agents, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and more, come in various sizes. If you’re running a business, you want germs and bacteria to be minimal. 

When a worker gets sick or is uncomfortable doing their job, that’s a loss of income for your company. Many rugs and carpets can be filled with bacteria that vacuums don’t get since they stay on the surface level. 

This can be a challenge for businesses to keep their office space clean and their workers healthy. You might wonder what you can do to help safeguard these issues. 

The good news is that commercial carpet cleaning can get below the surface where regular vacuuming misses. Read this guide on effective commercial carpet cleaning today! 

Make a Good Impression

Clients and other businesses will center your company, so you’ll want a clean and healthy space. They might rethink working with you again if you have worn or dirty carpets. When you have professional carpet cleaning services in Chicago, they can help you stand out for the right reasons. 

It’ll also reflect a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. To clients, it shows that you care about the details of your office and want to make a positive first impression. Clients and customers might run if they see filthy carpets. 

Protect Your Investment 

You might have a carpet warranty that requires you to keep your carpets clean. If you don’t comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it might void your warranty. 

As a business owner, you have enough expenses. Reach out to a steam cleaning business to help protect your investment. The pros will know how to adhere to manufacturer specifications.

Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. If the air quality is lacking, you might have air pollution inside. Those with asthma might find it more challenging to breathe and focus. 

Those exposed to indoor air pollutants are most dangerous for the chronically ill, those with cardiovascular disease, the elderly, those with asthma, and others. Professional carpet cleaners can loosen embedded debris in carpets. This can positively impact employees’ health which could mean increased production. 

Remove Odor 

Carpets have fibers that easily absorb dirt and odors. If your business has high foot traffic, you might experience more wear and tear on the carpeting. 

If you have a pet-friendly business, you might have pet urine stains or other problems. Some odors are tougher to remove, but a professional carpet cleaning business can help. 

Fewer Sick Days 

Productivity drops in the workplace when employees are sick. Since carpets trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria, your employees might wind up feeling sick more often and not be able to focus.

The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes daily, which will be cut even shorter with grimy carpets. Productive workers increase profits by 21% for businesses.

While vacuuming the floors is essential, it’s not getting deep enough. It’ll only remove dust and dirt in the upper layer. 

Save on an In-house Carpet Cleaner

An in-house carpet cleaner will cost much more than a Chicagoan professional carpet cleaner. If you have an in-house carpet cleaner, you have to worry about benefits, interviews, and paying wages. 

Increase the Longevity of Your Carpet

Since carpets are an investment, you want them to last for the long term. It’s much more inexpensive to pay for carpet cleaning services than to have a replacement. 

Replacing a carpet could cost thousands. In contrast, a professional carpet cleaning company could sanitize your carpet to keep them fresh and smelling nice for less.

No Residue

DIY machines often leave residue behind. This is common with old or inexpensive cleaning products and equipment. 

Cleaning professionals use equipment that won’t leave residue behind. The carpet fibers will be free of all dirt and stains once they’re done. A DIY machine might leave that dirt behind. 

A Healthier Work Environment

Dirty workplaces could impact the productivity of an employee as well as their mental and physical health. Today, about 57% of U.S. workers are stressed out, which could negatively impact production. 

Over time, dirty carpets have stained due to significant foot traffic. Without proper care of your carpet, there’s a buildup of dirt within your office. This could cause lower productivity, more sick days, allergies, headaches, and more. 

Stain Removal Pros 

Commercial carpet cleaning could remove unsightly stains from carpets and rugs. Not only could they remove dirt and grime, but stains as well.

They could also apply special stain protectants to help your carpet last longer. No two stains are identical; leaving it to the pros is best.

Carpet cleaning experts have seen various types of carpets and stains. Then they can inspect the rug to decide what treatment option will work best. 

Common stains could include: 

  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Dirt and mud
  • Ink
  • Pet stains if you allow pets in the office 

Save Time and Energy

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will save you so much time and energy. You won’t have to worry about finding workers who will do this or do it yourself. 

If you try to hire a cleaning crew and purchase the equipment yourself, you’ll have to learn how each works. Then you’ll need to worry about paying for mistakes that might occur if they’re not using the items properly. 

A carpet cleaning business could come when it doesn’t interrupt your schedule or employees. They’ll have the proper equipment and tools necessary to do the job well. 

Proper maintenance of your carpets will mean fewer sick days for employees and carpets that’ll last longer. So you can instead focus on your business instead of what to do with your carpet. 

A Healthier Environment

Commercial carpet cleaning is much more effective than renting items yourself. Items you can buy or rent aren’t necessarily equivalent to high-end products that companies use.

Many of these products meet standards of environmental quality as well. That means there won’t be dangerous chemicals used on carpeting. 

Eliminate Smells 

Smells could linger, whether from bugs, spills, or other problems. A carpet cleaning service can eliminate those odors that are distracting to your workers. 

If you try to do it yourself, you might worsen the stain. Then it’ll be more expensive to fix after spending funds on buying/renting your own equipment.

You might also break the warranty from the manufacturer if you ruin the carpet. There’s also the risk of making the carpet so bad that it’ll need to be replaced. 

Remove Residue in the Workplace

You might try to use a rental carpet machine yourself to save money. But in the end, it might wind up costing you more. 

Because once you’re finished, you’ll notice a residue that’s left behind. A professional carpet company can remove that stain for you. 

But you’ve just lost your money on the machine you just bought or rented. If you stick with the DIY machine, you might be using chemicals that’ll leave patches on the carpeting. For the residue, you might wind up going over it multiple times in the same spot, which could lessen the life of your carpet. 

Eliminate Soiling 

Due to a high volume of traffic in your office, you might start to notice soiling over time. These are most common in office hallways, entranceways, and stairwells.  A regular carpet cleaning business can eliminate and prevent these soiled lanes as long as the soiling is due to foot traffic instead of being worn with age. 

More Efficient Than DIY

If you try to do-it-yourself, you’ll spend hours trying to learn the machine. If you do anything wrong, it could wind up costing you more money and time to fix. 

A DIY machine won’t factor in the type of carpet or its unique needs. Using a DIY machine will also take much longer than hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

You’ll also have more time to focus on your business and won’t have interruptions. A professional Chicagoland cleaner can complete your carpet effectively in a fraction of the time. 

Frequency Helps With Maintenance

Think how long you should clean your office carpets, and how long it’ll take overall. Save energy by hiring a professional carpet cleaning business in Chicago.

They can develop a maintenance schedule for your carpet’s needs and fix any problems with it. Then you’ll have clean and healthy carpets that’ll last longer for years to come. 

Different Cleaning Methods

There are different cleaning methods; if you try to do it DIY, you might not know these. However, even with steam cleaning, there are various methods that’ll help. 

A professional carpet cleaner will know these methods and which will work best for your carpeting. 

Beautiful Carpets

Your carpeting will look beautiful and clean! As a result, employees and clients will feel comfortable coming into the office. Carpeting is also more likely to last and reduces the chance of allergens. 

Warranty Requirements

Some manufacturer warranties might require carpet cleaning services. If you’re ever unhappy with your carpeting, they might have expected you to have it professionally cleaned. 

You also won’t risk ruining it with DIY products. One simple mistake could mean irreparable damage, which means a necessary carpet replacement. Also, your carpet will look like new from professional carpet cleaners. 

Why Use Commercial Carpet Cleaners

First, they have high-powered equipment that DIY machines aren’t equivalent to. Next, it’ll be a cleaner option since they’ll do it correctly the first time. 

Do-it-yourself projects might mean performing the same action multiple times for the same results. Leaving it to the pros means having someone with the expertise necessary for a thorough job. For example, they could remove odors and stubborn stains from your carpet. 

They can work when you’re off, so you aren’t interrupted by noise or wet carpets. A professional carpet cleaning business can also speed up the drying process so you can have clean and dry carpets when you start the next day. 

Eliminate Bedbugs and Other Pests

Say goodbye to fleas and bedbugs in carpets. These pests can burrow deep into carpeting, causing various germs and diseases.

They can lead to your employees and customers becoming sick. Carpet cleaners can also get deep into the carpet, removing bacteria, bedbugs, allergens, and dust mites. These pests could cause an unpleasant odor if untreated. 

How Often To Clean Carpets

Create a maintenance plan with the carpet cleaning business. Since every business is unique, they can provide you with a recommendation. It’ll also depend on the type of treatment since higher-quality options will last longer. 

Deeper cleans will depend on the following: 

  • The services you offer
  • The type of carpet you have 
  • The size of your business
  • How much foot traffic there is 

In addition to maintaining carpets, you can: 

  • Place mats in doorways
  • Vacuum often
  • Clean up spills fast 

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

This guide provides you with the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning for businesses. If you’re in Chicago, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of carpets after clients and employees trek in dirt, mud, and snow is especially important. 

Are you ready to start with a high-quality carpet cleaning company that’ll leave it like new? Then, request a quote today! 

We offer a variety of services, including specialty commercial services. A well-maintained carpet is vital since it’ll reduce allergens and dirt in the space. 

This will reduce the sick days that your employees use and potentially increase productivity. If you have any questions about our services, we’re happy to help!