Carpet Cleaning Chicago

We do steam carpet cleaning and provide carpet cleaning service all over Chicago Land. Our professional technicians use one of the best methods to clean carpets. Hot water extraction process (steam carpet cleaning) is recommended by all carpet manufactures. Deep cleaning your carpet will remove all dirt from the bottom of the fibers. Steam carpet cleaning will help to extend life of your carpet, make it fresh and brand new looking.

Our carpet cleaning service is most effective using steam carpet cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaner will guarantee you highest carpet cleaning quality using steam carpet cleaning process to resolve all dirt and stain problems. We provide carpet rug cleaning with eco-friendly products which other carpet cleaners use harmful chemicals.

  • Our professional steam carpet cleaning process includes:
  • 1. Pre-Inspection
  • 2. Moving Small Furniture
  • 3. Pre-Vacuum
  • 4. Pre-Spray and Pre-Spotting
  • 5. Extraction and Rinse
  • 6. Protection (optional Scotch-Guard 3M)
  • 7. Post inspection

If you decide to have steam carpet cleaning, you are not only changing the appearance of your carpet, but you are also making a healthy indoor environment. Your carpet is a filter for your home because carpet collects dust, bacteria and dust mites. All carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning it using steam carpet cleaning process and it must be cleaned once a year to extend the life of the carpet and to keep a healthy home.