How to Clean Expensive Oriental Rugs

 If you have a penchant for expensive rugs and carpeting, the last thing you probably want to think about is cleaning them. Do you have a nice, bright oriental rug, that you paid “an arm and a leg” for? Has someone just spilled their drink, or tracked mud onto it? Before you start to panic, or think about the cost of replacing your rug, take a look at the of the services for Carpet Cleaning Group area has to offer.


The best method of keeping your rug clean is, of course, to prevent it from becoming dirty. You can do this by taking your shoes off before you go into your home, and asking guests to do the same thing. Bare feet and socks are a lot more gentle on fine rugs compared to the hard soles of shoes. Even if someone does not bring dirt inside, their heels might cause damage to your rug. But what if you are not willing to change your lifestyle, and be inconvenienced, in order to keep your rug in good condition? It is fairly likely that your will experience a nasty stain, sooner or later.


How to Tell If Your Rug Needs Deep Cleaning


You should only have an expensive rug cleaned when it completely necessary. While it might seem like a nice way to keep it in top condition, constant cleaning could actually harm the fibers. To judge just how dirty your rug is, there are several methods that you can use:


  1. Get down by the rug and use your hand to rub it firmly, only for around 10 seconds or less. Be sure not to give yourself a rug burn! Now, take a look at the skin where you were rubbing the rug. If your hand is dirty, your rug probably needs to be professionally taken care of with steam carpet cleaning.
  2. Take a corner of your rug and lift it up, then give the underside a swift kick. If you see a notable amount of dust coming out from under the pile, this is a sign that your rug needs to be cleaned. However, be aware that you might see fabric fibers, and these are normal.
  3. For this method, you need to turn the rug around, so that the pile faces upward. Now, take the rug and fold it backward, so the top is facing in toward itself, and the pile opens up along the knot lines. From this vantage point, you can look closely into the fibers, and see if there is any deep dirt, which a regular vacuum cleaner might not be able to reach. If there is, you need to find a professional carpet cleaning service.



Carpet professional cleaning upholstery
Carpet professional cleaning upholstery

Once you have confirmed that your rug or carpet is in need of deep-than-normal cleaning, you have a few options. You could simply try to find a vacuum cleaning that is powerful enough to clean more deeply, although this is unlikely; you can hire, or purchase, a deep steam cleaner and do the work yourself; if you want the easiest, more professional result – hire a carpet steam carpet cleaning professional.